At P.W. CEJAX Janusz Kozłowski corruption is understood as “action, promises to act or failure to act in order to obtain an undue advantage, given, promised or implied, both tangible and intangible, directly or indirectly. The concept of corruption includes all participants in an actual or potential exchange. “

Anti-corruption policy at P.W. CEJAX obliges its business partners, service providers and employees to act with integrity without corruption-related intentions and activities and to adhere to the following principles:

  • not offering or giving any financial, material or other benefit;
  • employees are not allowed to take part in any behavior that may constitute a collusion, demand, request for financial or material benefit;
  • no employee will be penalized with demotion, a fine, or any other negative consequences for refusing to accept or pay a bribe, even if such refusal would result in the loss of business opportunity for P.W. CEJAX
  • suppliers are not allowed to grant any requests or demands for financial or material benefits;
  • suppliers must not offer financial or material benefits;
  • in cases of corruption the beneficiary, the giver and the recipient of the bribe are treated equally;
  • if the customer or supplier suspects that a request may be made, an attempt to behave like corruption should immediately contact the owner of the company, Mr. Janusz Kozłowski.

All employees of P.W. CEJAX Janusz Kozłowski are responsible for the implementation of the Anticorruption Policy in relation to their positions and are obliged to demonstrate initiative in the elimination of corruption events.